The MAWT Mission

To provide a modern twist to traditional works that have become passé. Repurposing the old and forgotten by creating modern and unique designs for your home.


Marc Therrien, MAWT Founder

“I finally founded MAWT in February 2016 after much encouragement and help from my good friends.

It all started in my father’s barn, I would work on little projects whenever I had the chance. I would build projects from miscellaneous bits of furniture and whatever scrap wood was available. The barn had every tool I needed and so I was able to experiment with all sorts of materials like discarded bicycles, pallets, old furniture and scrap metal. I soon realized that by using old pallets, I could build just about anything because the quality of the wood was sometimes actually pretty good.

The first project that really inspired me to starting MAWT was the small pallet wood bedside table. This piece was made completely out of one oak pallet and finished with a chunk of black walnut that was turned into a custom knob.

My biggest problem I have with building new projects is actually parting with them. The “Pallet Bomber Shelf” was created for my roommate for his beloved microbrewery 40’s that he wanted to put on display. I gave it to him for his birthday but a week later I decided to install it in the kitchen for us both to enjoy.

What I love so much about this job is that if it can be imagined, it can be built. With the right materials and the inspirations from friends we turn any outdated and forgotten items into functional, modern and beautiful designs. A lot of the pieces can start with pallets because I love the worn and rustic beat up look that this wood has. The other parts come from thrift stores, yard sales, personal sales, and old barn and farm explorations.

This company serves most of my childish needs. The love of building and explorations.”

We Love What We Do
These projects fuel our inspirations and allow us the flexibility to create when and whatever we want. 
Modernizing and Re-purposing

Designs change over the years and this causes a lot of great works to be abandoned and trashed. By re-purposing these pieces, we are able to add a new life to them and create modern designs.