Meet The MAWT Team

“MAWT serves as an outlet for my passions. The love of building and exploration.” – Marc T.

Marc A. Therrien

What I love so much about this job is that if it can be imagined, it can be built. With the right materials and the inspirations from friends we turn any outdated and forgotten items into functional, modern and beautiful designs. A lot of the pieces can start with pallets because I love the worn and rustic beat up look that this wood has. The other parts come from thrift stores, yard sales, personal sales, and old barn and farm explorations.

Matt Smith

Flooring professional by day and Master handyman by night, Matt can and will figure it out. He is always itching to get started on a project and loves being challenged to find solutions to problems. Forget small potatoes, life is his medium. Matt is always looking to push the boundaries and explore options and solutions.

William Manning

Tech, marketing, ideas Guru… these are just some of the words to describe Will. Sometimes he can be described as “lost in space” However, he’s the one we can all count on fixing any issues that MAWT may wind up with. He’s an ideas man and never ceases to come up with brilliant visions of a better tomorrow.

Chiling Chen

Artist, painter and wood burning professional. Chiling adds the final touches to MAWT Designs.  She adds the custom finishes to pieces and makes them unique. Oh and on a side note, she is an amazing cook.