Small End Table

Yes, this table is exactly whats it looks like… except you can pick a custom finish, add a shelf, drawer, etc.

Everything for sale here is can be customized to your greatest desires. Visit our customization page for unique design requests.

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This my friend is greatness…

Its wood, its rugged, it will look great holding your beer. 

Here we present to you a fancy bit of wood work that might possibly resemble an ordinary end table.  Well, if that was indeed your guess, CONGRATULATIONS!  Your powers of observation have served you stunningly and credit should be paid to those whom educated you.  Well done!

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 23 x 23 x 35 in

Crafted by artisan gnomes of Bhutan, and carved from the finest rare woods available to mankind. Cleopatra would have invaded entire civilizations for stuff like this.

Just kidding, it was made in my barn.


Wow your friends with how rugged your living space is, and be that lumber jack hipster you might think you are!


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